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I've jumped ship and am over at http://radiolariat.blogspot.com/

I plan on keeping a journal that EVEN MY PARENTS CAN READ, and one that gets updated a little more frequently. So, you know, put me on your bookmarks and check up on me every once in a while. I'll be doing the same to you.

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Jun. 11th, 2008


Things are going well here. Matthew still doesn't have a job and we're pretty broke --so broke, oh man, so broke- but we've got more houseplants than you can shake a stick at and enough tip money to keep us in fresh produce until further notice. He's such a great cook, I'm so lucky. We're eating well, despite not being able to rub two dimes together.

The old assistant manager came back to the cafe after spending the year in British Columbia. She came back wound tighter than a top, but it's nice to have a middle man between us and Cathy. I finally got a raise. Things are clean. The cafe is already hotter than hell and it's only June, but I knew it would be like this.

We've been biking a lot, finding bones in the fields and feathers in the road, and bringing wine to the beach and falling asleep in the sun. My freckles are coming back and my hair is going blonde in places.

I think my parents bought me a digital camera, but it seems to be a birthday present. Seeing as my birthday is in September, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to show you much of my summer. Trust me, it's scenic. My life is pretty beautiful right now, if not always graceful.

I'm mostly happy, pretty healthy, generally optimistic. I'm pretty run-down these days, but I'm starting to think that's just how it is when you work in the service industry.

dr. quint vs. the summer.

I'm working on my very last paper.
My exams are all done, I made it through with a great deal of coffee, chocolate, and tears. In the end, I'm dehydrated but relieved.

I have to say, I've really noticed a huge toll this past year has taken on me physically. I've been tired, undernourished and overworked for weeks on end. Way too stressed, very little down time, and I'm really feeling the effects. I've got a wicked temper these days, and that's saying something.
There's been something grinding in my shoulder for the past few weeks, my gums are red, my hands are dry, my eyes are sore. I need a couple days in the sun.

That being said, this Saturday Matt and I are moving into our
new apartment.Collapse )

We're on the top floor in the back. It's an old building, wood floors, weird angles, tons of light, loads of character. I couldn't be more excited, nervous. I'll show you the inside as soon as I get a camera.
The beat-up building next door, above the bookstore, is an old theatre. Yeah. I can't really explain how awesome Sackville is. Most of the time, anyway.

Those shots are misleading in the fact that they look so urban. You have to realize that this apartment sits on the main intersection of Sackville. Downtown is a two-street, blink-and-you-miss-it affair. We're in the heart of downtown Sackville.

I think it's going to be a wonderful summer. The logistics are still hazy, mostly because of money. Matt still doesn't have a job. I'm taking a spring session course that I can't pay for yet. We don't exactly have first month's rent yet. But we'll get it worked out, because we have no choice. I'm optimistic.

My Dad is bringing me back my bike, with a brand new basket attached so as to ferry books from the library, dinner to the lake, etc. I can't wait for summer to get here.

It'll be here officially when I finish this paper. Only 3000 words between us.
I noticed an empty pregnancy test box in the bathroom of Avard Dixon.
I hope things work out.

Mar. 26th, 2008

The show opens tonight.
The open studio opens next week.
I just got a part in a play that opens before convocation.

I have to finish:
2 6-7 page papers due on Wednesday
1 one-act play to be completed with 10 minutes performed at open studio on the 4-5th and the full script to be handed in on the 14th of April
1 scene from Paradise Lost to recreate on the 6th
1 10 page research paper to be handed in on the 11th
1 9 page term paper to be handed in on the 14th
1 writer's journal to be handed in on the 10th
1 exam on the 14th
1 exam on the 15th
1 exam on the 18th

Also, it's snowing.

I had coffee and vitamins for breakfast. Fourth year blows.
I'll tell you about the good things when I have more time.

So, I'm in the computer lab and I just saw my roommate bike past with his girlfriend sitting on his book rack, and then a few seconds later a big black dog come bolting after them. I'm going outside to check the situation, as he does not own a dog.
After a four-hour tea and study marathon, I've come to the conclusion that February has snuck up on me and pushed me smack into depressed mode. I'm so very tired of having wet feet and cold fingers and being tired.
Dear Livejournal,
mood: apathetic.

Just kidding. Christmas was festive, though I moped excessively about missing Matt while he Christmased with his family in Fredericton. I spent too much money in order to display my love for my family in material things, was given some lovely things, had some heart-to-hearts with folks I only see around the holidays. I met a new cousin, Regan Elyse, an insecure two-month old with long limbs and big eyes. I gave her a bottle, she was alternately fussy and cuddly, it was lovely. Want one.

I spent New Years and the week before school with Matt and his family, stress-balls each and every one, but warm and welcoming people. I am very much in love. I did not make a single resolution, but have found myself making bold moves towards being more organized and decisive. Will I go to the gym more? Maybe. Either way, I finally bought a pair of sneakers to wear whilst gymming and Matt says they look "very fast".

Marks-wise last term was my most sucessful to date, with a B- being my lowest grade. I worked very hard to get that B- and I've accepted that I'll never be a scholar. I don't know what I am, exactly. Classes this term promise to be challenging. I'm up for it.

I had something to say. I don't have it anymore. That's pretty much par for the course these days.

Or a motorcycle.

I wish somebody would knit me a scarf.
play thing game, all the game.
press the buttons all at once.
press the buttons all at once, all of the time.

thing game - wax mannequin
I'm just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.
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